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12 Aug

I doubt I’m the only one who gets super excited about planning new costumes and the slight frenzy of collecting materials. Here’s what I’ve ordered so far:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.04.13 PM

Yes, I’ve decided to do the lavender scheme. I was worried that the red would turn out too “christmasy” with the white and I couldn’t find a good darker purple that I thought would work. I’ve also ordered some ivory silk organza for the front panels and underskirt, and decided to trim it in silver instead of gold. I’ll have to learn how to make silk flowers and tassels at some point as well.

The only part I’m not 100% sure is what the back should look like. Should it be a “sack gown”/robe a la francaise? Should it be an en foureau anglaise? Neither? I just don’t know. Suggestions welcome!

18th Century Court Gown

10 Aug

Alternatively titled: “I have officially lost my mind”

I sort of just committed to making an elaborate court gown for next year. It’s all Kendra’s fault, you see. She came back from Costume College and had this great idea to make one and thought she’d rope everyone in to join her. I couldn’t resist, especially since I’ve already decided that unless something unforseen happens, I am going to CoCo next year. It looks like so much fun.

Official Page:

Anyway, now I just have to decide on which color:

This is probably the original.

This is probably the original.


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