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Dear Pinterest, I think it’s time to break up…

3 Apr

We started off so well. I was exactly the kind of person you were looking for and vice versa. I loved being able to save any image from the web or my computer and since then I’ve amassed quite a volume of research, but that’s the problem. It’s MY research and I’m completely dependent on your platform. At first we were quite the happy little community of individuals pinning away and sharing ideas. Then a feature called “suggested pins” was introduced and I admit, it was a little weird seeing pins from people I didn’t choose to follow, but for the most part they were related to what I normally pin anyway so I got used to it. However, things have taken a nosedive and I no longer feel like I’m part of a community. The ethos of Pinterest is no longer about sharing information between like-minded individuals but has turned into just another platform for marketers. I was a bit peeved when ads started showing up masquerading as “pins” showing the latest skinny models in spandex athletic wear, something I have never pinned in my 3 years on this site, but the final straw is the click-bait ads showing wrinkled faces touting some “miracle product” that only “celebrities know about”.

You didn’t have to go this route. If you needed money to survive, I would have gladly paid a yearly fee akin to Evernote to keep things more personal. Maybe then I would have felt like I had more say in the direction you ended up going. You had the potential to be more than just pretty pictures; you could have been an even better resource for researchers but I guess it’s true that “money talks” and you just couldn’t resist.

So here I am: 3 years, 107 boards, 7,000+ pins, and 1,000+ followers later. The magic is gone and I no longer trust you with my data. Don’t take it personally (actually, please do), but I’m seeing other websites/applications. I’ve already saved all my data as a html file using Pinback and am trying out Dropmark because it allowed me to upload all that data I’ve been dependent on you to keep safe. While it doesn’t quite have the social media aspect to it, I can add tags to better find things in the future. Also, when I sent an email to them, I got a response within 15 minutes.

I think this could be the start of something beautiful…


In case anyone is interested, here’s my profile so far:

While I haven’t fully explored everything, you can subscribe to people via RSS feeds, comment on other people’s “pins” and other things. Check out their blog for more info: They seem very receptive to suggestions as well, so it has the potential to have even more things added in the future.

Redthreaded Corset Review

17 Jan

I know I should make my own corsets. I have supplies to make my own corsets. The problem is I have limited time to even make costumes, much less corsets! Up until recently, I have tried a number of RTW Victorian-style corsets and the best ones that work for my figure are underbust because the overbust ones do not have enough room and so when I sit, the “girls” are up around my chin. This is not a good look, not to mention it’s really not period. Because of this, unless it was Regency or Georgian, I was stuck making whatever would work with an underbust style.

Last year I stumbled across Redthreaded’s etsy shop and ordered some Georgian stays which turned out very well and when she opened up a special pre-order price for a Victorian style I thought I’d take a risk and try one. I am so glad I did. I don’t know how she did it, but I can actually sit down in this corset without feeling like I can rest a plate on top of my cleavage. It also has enough hip room so I can breathe while sitting down. I’d still love to make a corset at some point, but goodness, having one that at least fits just opened up a whole costuming world for me.

This is a single-layer, but has extra boning because of the larger size. There are also 4 grommets close together at the waist in the back so the lacing feels very secure. It’s certainly not for tight-lacing, but I’m comfortable with a 3″ reduction at the moment. It’s not the curviest corset and I kinda wish it was a little longer in the lower half, but it is an excellent basic.

IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894