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Ditto Form coming soon!

6 Apr
During my Spring Break I had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to visit Bits of Thread Studio and be 3D scanned for a custom dress form. The process was super easy and I can’t wait to get my form in a few weeks (4-6 weeks is what I was told from the scan date).
For those curious about the actual scan. It takes place in a room without any natural light in a curtained box for privacy. You then stand on a raised circular platform in the middle of the box that spins slowly in front of the camera. As far as what to wear, the idea is to scan your actual body as closely as possible, so while being scanned I was just in a bra and some short close-fitting leggings. Even though the dress form won’t include my entire arms and legs, the whole body is scanned and then processed by a computer. I was scanned three times and then measured with a tape to compare with the measurements from the camera. Slight differences will occur based on posture and breathing, so this is just making sure the measurements are accurate. It’s quite something to see the 3D scan on the computer! I can only imagine what it will be like to see the form when I get it.
I went with the High Resolution form which is less squishy and arrives fully assembled. I won’t be able to put a corset on it, but I still have my old foam form that can serve that purpose. I’m just so excited to have something that will allow me to fit my upper body.
Ditto Form would love to expand to other areas of the country but are still trying to figure out how to make that possible. This technology is so new and exciting that it would be wonderful to see this take off. I’ll be sure to post about my Ditto Form when it arrives. If you are interested in having one made, visit Bits of Thread

Edwardian Blouse & Skirt

10 Jul


Back on May 11th, a group of us from the costumer’s guild rode a vintage train from Grapevine to the Stockyards in Fort Worth for the Frontier Fort Days. As cool as that event is, we really just used it as an excuse to dress up. I decided to make up a blouse, skirt, and belt using the 1905 Circular Skirt, 1903 Plain Blousewaist, and Edwardian Dip-Waist Belt from Truly Victorian. As I was pressed for time, I didn’t do a muslin for the patterns (tsk tsk), so I was very thankful that it all worked out in the end. As usual, I used a smaller pattern piece for the back of the blouse and took off quite a bit of the shoulder width. The good thing about this style is that it’s way more forgiving than a fitted bodice, which is why I chose it. Also, I had to make do with my ill-fitting victorian corset by just lacing it a bit looser around the top. ( I have GOT to get over my corset-making phobia)




Skirt Fabric: Italian Tropical Wool in Coral Pink from NY Fashion Center

Blouse Fabric: White Stripe Eyelet Lace from Hart’s Fabric

Belt: Heavy cotton from my stash

Due to the last-minute nature of this project, I didn’t get buttons and buttonholes sewn on the back of the blouse so I used snap tape (which is a fabulous invention!). I’d like to go back and do those at some point, but I’m not convinced that I could do them up myself when I get dressed.

I found that the heel of my boots caught on the hem of my skirt quite badly, pulling out the 3″ hem I had painstakenly handsewn. *sigh* So I think next time I need to make an honest to goodness hem guard. Meanwhile, I need to go back and try to smooth over all those broken threads in my nice wool…



Much thanks to Jen Thompson of Festive Attyre for taking photos!

1930s Butterfly Blouse

20 Jan

As I am giving a recital next month, I need something to wear. I’ve already purchased a skirt, since I had a 40% coupon to Talbots, but have been unable to find a top (blouse? sweater? SOMETHING!) to wear with it. I didn’t want to have to make something since I will be stressed out with practicing, but I found this pattern:


It’s the 1930s Butterfly Blouse from Decades of Style and I have ordered 3 yards of black silk chiffon in which to make it. Note to self: I hope you like making baby hems…